Saturday, September 17, 2022

The Bellamy Jar

I kept your shoes and wore them
at least a decade past the time
I shoulda thrown them in your face.

But then you've never known your place
and I never knew my place
with you.

Because it wasn't.

Saturday, September 3, 2022


The house is empty
echoing the cavernous loss.
I thought we'd have another day
another day with you.
aother day, then maybe
I'd get through.

Your bed is empty
it used to be so full
like the heart you shared completely...
In the end I hope you knew,

that our lives are lost without you
that we'll never be the same
that we'll never be the ones we were
in the years before you came.

That your love had healing powers
and your smile the brightest light
that you'll be with us forever
though we lost you late last night.

If ever there were angels
you surely were the best
and I pray gods real or imagined
grant you peaceful rest.

And if there is a Heaven
I eagerly await
the chance to see you smiling
waiting at the Pearly Gate.

In the mean time
we will bide time
until we meet again
When I can hold you close to me
you perfect, precious friend.

You have our hearts completely.
and never will there be
another day upon this earth
where you weren't the world to me.

Suppose I should be thankful
for the time we got to share
for the year of smiles and laughter
for the perfect love and care

But I admit that I'm not there...

I'm just not there...

I want you here.

I want you here.

I want you here.

Friday, September 2, 2022


Ask the Buddah - Life is pain
Hindus say we'll live again
Christians that the Son will save

I believe the grave.

Ask the Jains, and they might say
the soul can and will return some way
Let Osirus weigh
the merits of the heart.

I believe the grave.

Muslims have their Akhirah
And Jews in Gan Eden.
I believe in men -
craven, broken, brave.

I believe the grave.