Sunday, December 20, 2020


You walk in
I want out
before this
shit goes south.
you opened
your mouth
and the bag? Cat's got out.

You: "Hey! How you been, E?
And how you know Tekashi?"

I smirk,

Pin drops.
Music stops.
And so do you -

but just for a tic -

'cuz you know it's a lie
It's a fight that you picked


"An innocent question"
like you've ever done those
We both know it goes:
Pick a fight. Fall out.
Pen a song. Write some prose.
And do it all again when the passion subsides.

I know you remember
that's what we do (lie)
we slice at each other
we're eye for an eye (true).

You walk in
I want out
I want never to see
your smug, fucking face
in the same room as me.


You're hollow
like holes
and that's all you leave -
I greived.
You leave!
No, I'll leave!


the holes in the wall
where you punched by my head
the holes that you filled
when we fucked in my bed
the holes in my heart
that you left as I plead

You fucked with my head.

And I wanted you dead

Yeah, I said what I said.

You walk in
I want out
'cuz I can't fall again
My original sin
was just letting you in.
And I won't
sin again.

You reach for me


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