Thursday, October 15, 2020

Same ol' Song

There was a time,
potential lover,
when your disappearance,
would've seen me,
head some
search party,
around bushes,
- and why -
you've gone.

But my dear?
I've grown
too strong
to give in
to that same ol' song.

I can admit
I was wrong
to commit -
push headlong.
I can sit
all alone.


And I knew
when I last heard
from you
it would be
the last word
would hear from me.
I knew you
were already

Same ol' song.
Same ol' song.

I could
sing along
- and I would -
if I thought
it'd change things.

But the tune
set in stone
stays the same:
I'm alone.
Though this time
I refuse to be
This time
I refuse
to waste my breath
humming the tune
of "our" death.

Same ol' song.
Same ol' song.

If, in your absence,
you ask
if I've wandered
the paths
in search of our last
encounter -
Well, I'd counter:
have you?

Are you humming the song
or beating the bush
are you searching the signs
and trying to push
for an ending that doesn't
quite end?

Are you seeking
a friend?
A savior?
Love from a stranger?
I finally see the danger
in that

So this party -
of pity? Or search? -
I won't attend.
Same ol' song.
Same ol' song.
Has to end.

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