Friday, April 3, 2020


Excuse me.

I'm here

to demand my face-to-face apology

for all those times you laughed at me

gaslit me to cover your apathy

in this catastrophe



you wrought.

Excuse me.

I'm here 'cuz you disparaged

your effects on my marriage

your role in my miscarriage

And while we're on the miscarriage - where's my fuckin' justice?

And - hey - not between just us

but your fuck ups?

Caused my DNA bust up

so nut up


this shit

ain't just a dust up

You dirty -

BigPharma filth

the pills you peddle?

got some coughin', stopped some walkin'

put some in their coffin

But I still got air in my lungs

and though I struggle to step

this may take me out - but it ain't done it yet.

And yeah I am the voice

that rings out for the crowd

for the thousands and thousands

who tried to speak out

but were silenced when you shoved your degree in their mouths.

Yeah it took a few years

let you swagger and boast

marinate in your hubris

now it's time for the roast

And I? Well, I, for one, hope you choke

on the facts that we find

hope it weighs on your mind

that it's me and mine that the science supports.

It's time

for that apology

the one that you owe to me

and everybody

you poisoned



  1. Ooooh. Nice! You should post an audio of you performing this. Even in the written form, the cadence is sooo apparent. Kudos! Also---the content is pretty powerful...but the technique is impressive!

  2. Powerful! Just Powerful! I can feel the angst, rage, pain and fervent determination in your tone. This is good, girl, really good. Thank you for sharing.