Friday, November 29, 2019

First Amendment Rights

I'm a prickly person

prone to unwittingly offend

But always thought my saving grace

was my willingness to amend.

My prickers sometimes puncture

But I'd give my life for a friend

I always thought my saving grace

was my willingness to amend.

The years my spears have sharpened

and many have met their end

Amending's just a bandaid

and healing's just pretend

Might and right they won out

then loneliness set in

and I am left with only

my willingness to amend.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Hopsin's sermon: "Fly"

I didn't write this.

Hopsin did.

And he's fuckin' right.

From "Fly" by Hopsin:

My ass is sick just thinking about how rich and powerful all these bastards get

They package ideas like it's oxygen

They make us feel like if we ain't got it, we fucked and we cannot fit in

This fucking system is not your friend


Yo, fuck Hollywood, fuck all these reality shows

Making us feel lame unless we blowing stacks on new clothes

Making us feel like we ain't cool unless we have a few hoes

Making us feel like we ugly, unless we have a new nose

I see naturally beautiful women get Botox, fake tits

Fake lips, they so brainwashed and it doesn't make sense

Focus on your life and the path you're pursuing

'Cause y'all too busy worried about what Kim Kardashian's doing

Check it, most of this shit that you sheep are watching on television

Is fake as fuck and it's not real, I rebel against it

It's the Devil's business, they just reel y'all in

If they say it, we do it, yo, I'm tryna tell y'all man

The system created the stereotype for the Black image

That's why my people are scared to be different, why don't you get it?

I'm done practicing these ridiculous rituals

It's time I become a real individual and just do me

I really hate to break it to you but your life's being played with

You have not witnessed the world 'cause you're stuck in the Matrix

Everything we have been taught was all a lie

Open your eyes, open your mind, and fly

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

No Day But Today

Another classmate gone.

Memories of things that passed between us unresolved.

Silly stuff. Stuff I'm sure she didn't even remember.

But I remember.

And now I can only make restitution to her corpse.

That last sentence is jarring - and it should be.

Because something's gotta wake me the fuck up.

Maybe you need a wakeup call too.

None of us is promised tomorrow.

Fix things NOW.

Even those little, miniscule things.

Those "sorry I stepped on your toe in middle school" things.

Those "sorry I didn't stand up for you" things.

Those "sorry I never told you how much you matter" things.

Say them before you take them -

to your grave or someone else's.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Paradise Lost

Just saw Phoebe Waller-Bridge's "Fleabag" live show, which she premiered at the Fringe Festival in 2013. Naturally, it was/is phenomenal...

Thing is, I wrote a very similar short film script in 2011. And I gave it to my professor, telling him I wanted to film it for class.

His response: "Who'd want to watch a movie about a confused, promiscuous girl?"

This wasn't the first sexist thing he said to me, and it wouldn't be the last. What ensued the rest of the semester was a battle of wills.

I don't know who won, but I never filmed my script.