Monday, August 19, 2019

The Quiet Man

"My gift is my song, yeah. And this one's for you."

All I have to give is words;

they're all I understand.

Repeatedly I give my words

to my Quiet Man.

No sooner does he open them

then they are swept away.

I wish I had a greater gift -

one that would stick and stay.

Words, they might be powerful;

to stimulate or sway

But what are words to a Quiet Man?

What do they convey?

When every night he makes my meals

after working through the day.

When every day he sees my tears

and keeps my fears at bay.

Sometimes I feel I need the words

they're all I understand.

But words are not the way of love

for my Quiet Man.

Would that I could do for him -

I try as best I can

but what gift do I have to give

to show my Quiet Man?

Action is a gift of now;

words echo throughout time.

Action is my Quiet Man.

Prose and rhyme are mine.

Even now I'm falling back

it's all I understand.

Even now I'm crafting words

to gift to Quiet Man.

He sees love in action

and action is my plan

to the degree that I am able

I'll give to Quiet Man.

To show him that I love him

in a way he understands

my every thought is of him

I love you, Quiet Man.