Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dear Friends: Please forgive me

Dr. Friends -

Please forgive the long absence; I've been busy.

As you already know, there's a lot wrong with me.

For the past 2.5 years I've struggled


Hard knowing your TBI was caused


Hard finding a doc to deal with it


And that's if they even believe me.

Please forgive the long absence; I've been busy

With test after test to prove confidently

what I already know: that incompetence broke me

then charged me a fee.

I pay every day.

I pay with my sleep - or the lack of it, really.

I pay with my eyes, that no longer see


I pay with my ears

that ring incessantly.

I pay in daily pain.

I pay with a body that doesn't digest


the very nutrients that could save or heal me.

I spend my days hooked up to the IV

Just to see if maybe -

just maybe -

this time it will help.

Please forgive the long absence; I've been busy

Seeking out specialists

bringing them evidence

being met with arrogance

because they don't know.

Despite implied eminence

the doctors' benevolence

wears thin when they realize

they really don't know

how to manage my circumstance

or give me a second chance

at the health I had prior

to their colleague's mistakes.

Mistakes that should never, ever have happened.

But then I guess Life says

them's just the breaks.

So please forgive the long absence; I've been busy

but please know that I

do still need you beside me

because each day is harder

when faced all alone.

I want - no I need - to have you here with me

so even if Fate's set in stone

that I am never to sleep, or see

or hear as I once did

life can still have splendid


And I want to share those moments

with you.

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