Sunday, December 19, 2010


A house is made of brick and stone but a home is made of love alone...
A home! A home! My kingdom for a home!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I endured your constant nagging,
tuned out your incessant whine,
Lived with you when I didn't have or want to,
witnessed with awe how you shine

26 years of aggrivation
and I've never had more to say
about the irksome boy you began as
and the man I'm so proud of today

But, flustered, the words just aren't coming
the images taunt me from bed
for God knows there is no sleeping
as your wedding looms fast in my head.

Like the Grinch who can't understand Christmas
Or the Scrooge with his hoarde of gold coins
I can't explain the singing in Whoville
or the magic of two love enjoins

I wish that with words I could capture
the essence of you and of she
but the harder I try to define it
the more it eludes me.

So try as I might here to capture,
through all of the everyday things,
the past and the present and future,
and all of the blessings they bring,

I cannot define where you're going.
I cannot define where you've been.
I cannot lasso the moon.
We will never be here again.

I am angry with words as they fail me,
Frustrated and coming unglued.
Intrigued by the irony before me


Who knew
that the hardest thing I'd have to do
is write a piece for you?