Dysautonomia: Because Health put in his two weeks' notice

I got to live 34ish normal, happy years.

And then, in July 2015, my Health put in his two weeks' notice.

Since Health walked out without even the cursory look back, I've been riding the roller coaster of pain, frustration, and total-body malfunction that is dysautonomia.

For those of you who don't know, dysautonomia is a difficult to pronounce word that means that, for some reason or other, a person's autonomic nervous system (the nervous system that controls just about every thing in the body), goes on the fritz. And for most people it's some form of permanent fritz.

Dysautonomia is a big umbrella, under which many distinct little fritzy umbrellas reside. Perhaps the most prevalent of these smaller umbrellas is POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome or my-heart-races-and-I-pass-out-when-I-stand-up syndrome, if you prefer).

Right now, we - the few doctors I've seen who even know what dysautonomia is and I - don't think I have POTS.

What do I have?

Funny you should ask.

We don't know yet.

But you're welcome to join me along the road to finding out.

Below is a list of dysautonomia-themed posts to letcha know where I am going and where I have been.

Newest is at the top. Oldest at the bottom. Which is sorta always the way it goes...

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