Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Encore. Stigmata. Stephen Adly Guirgis.

S. Adly Guirgis

shone a light on the circus

exposing the wires

we wear

'cuz we liars

claimin' we fliers




in air.

For fans who don't really care.



for the folks in the stands

for the stans

who would stand

for the man on trapeze

but whose "love" disappears

when he's down on his knees

And Guirgis?

speak to that man with no net

bring him down from the rafters

before he forgets

that the urges -

the surges -

that keep him free falling?

Are interior

sacrosanct fears.

Remind him, sir, would you?

Through word or deed, could you?

that the eyes that look

in the mirror and see

the inferior man

staring back at me

are stigmatic.

And stigmata? Is tragic.


confirms this

in "Last Days"

when he says

Good people

end up in Hell

because they can't

forgive themselves.

When life

like the play, plays out?

The way out

is to simply walk through

the open door.

But it's the cage that we adore.

Defying depth

denying ourself

as the crowd screams

"Encore! Encore!"

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