Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Lord, imperfect beings, we

the faults within our stars

Heaven, it elusive be

from Venus and from Mars.

Celestial orbs bespoke our Fate

before Began was lost

Faulty though our model, make

Our cognizance, our cost.


When and how and if I go, let it ne'er be said

That I went gentle into that good night

Silent in my bed.

Instead I rage the Heavens down

or call the Darkness up

The ripple that becomes the wave

I take THY bitter CUP

Lord, imperfect beings, we

the faults within our stars

Fate these orbs to me bequeathed

the tortured soul of Mars

Furious I run into

The battle YOU have wrought

Like so many other of Your soldiers Time forgot.

And while I may not understand

the whys of Your great plan

the battle fraught with danger

is where I make my stand

And though I know I will not make

it to the Promised Land

I scream my screams, and reap my waves

As Samson, son of Dan.

Crushed beneath my arrogance

Your gifts, Lord

and Your punishments

My dying breath it will be spent




beneath Your battlements

Like so many other of your soldiers Time forgot.

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