Saturday, November 12, 2016

When something is actually important, I can never find the words

Jesus healed the sick.

Moses parted the Red Sea.

And, now, ladies and gentlemen, I present my own miracle:

I successfully changed someone's mind via Facebook.


No, seriously.


Over the course of my life I have received a handful - maybe 8? - letters from people whose lives I have somehow touched.

Tonight, I received one such letter.

The note came to me via Facebook, and thanked me for having the courage to stand against the closed-minded and combat them openly with reasoned argument.

This stranger, who lives in Michigan, said she was moved by my stance, and would no longer be silent should she ever again witness inequity or injustice.

Though still extraordinarily sick in my body, in my heart I feel better than I have in a long time.

For why are there 7 billion of us on this planet if not to interact with and learn from each other?

And the idea that some - however few - of my ideas and experience are worth learning from is incredibly humbling.

And awe-inspiring.

In truth, I cannot fully grasp the concept that there is power in my ideas...

I don't think there is a greater calling than to positively impact the life of another.

That said, I want to publicly (as much as is decent) thank the woman for reaching out. For in doing so, she touched me as well. She brightened my day. She gave me something of which to be proud.

So I was blessed by her outreach.

There are likely a thousand lessons that can be extrapolated from this interaction. Glean from it those lessons that strike you as most profound for your own situation.

But in the mean time, I hope this little missive has convinced you that there are, in fact, modern day miracles.

Now go forth, my friends, and argue on Facebook!

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