Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Please God intervene

Cipro has given me thyroid issues now.

I am continuously declining.

Please, please, please pray for a miracle of healing for me.

This is my fault.

I asked if I could have an infection, despite having no signs of infection - increased white blood cell count, fever etc - and doctors took me at my word.

Now I am poisoned.

And it isn't acute.

It's getting worse as time passes.

Please, please pray for a miracle.

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  1. Hello from another Erin Greer :). I feel the need to give you some advise and I have learned that I should always listen to that voice inside me that urges action on the behalf of someone else. Please get off any and all drugs you are on. Seriously, all. Your body can't heal if you don't. Clean up your diet. Put only whole, unprocessed nutritious foods into your body. No animals or animal secretions. Whole plant foods only. Wishing you well.