Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fluoroquinolone poisoning and fear

I need to get out of this nightmare.

But there is no way out.

All there is is time, and whether or not time will provide me with healing or will leave me as one of the disabled ones.

In recent weeks, I have developed severe dry eye, dry nose, and dry mouth.

According to The Flox Report, these are bad prognosticators with regard to potential recovery from my fluoroquinolone poisoning. Click on the images below to view larger).

I haven't slept in 2 days despite multiple sleep aids.

Why? Because fluoroquinolone antibiotics can cause - and have caused in me - central nervous system damage.

I have a "floxed" friend who still cannot sleep more than 2 hours a night. She took her fluoroquinolone antibiotic 7 years ago.

This scares the shit out of me...

Frankly, many of the people I read about who get better are people who have a severe acute reaction, but who are improving by 6 months or so. The Flox Report has a chart for this also. Basically, if you're seeing improvements by month 6, that's a good sign. If, like me, you have new and worsening symptoms by month 6... well, it's bad.

Many severely poisoned persons like myself never get better. Some do get better, but it takes years. Because of my dry eye, nose, and mouth syndromes, I am very very frightened that I may never improve. I have between 40 - 50 symptoms presently, and new ones come on all the time. I have huge bald patches on my head.

I have so many symptoms that only the worst of the worst poisoned people get.

I need help, but there is no help for me.

Fluoroquinolones damage mitochondrial DNA. If too much is damaged, you live a life of disability.

All of this pain, and I never even had an infection...

Here is a rundown of recovery for severely poisoned persons, if they ever recover at all.

I fear I may, based on my timeline and symptoms, be the blue line on this graph. Which is, according to the report, the worst you can be:

I pray, I try to eat well. I supplement. I try to take as few medicines as I can just to make it through the day. Nothing helps.

If it'll let you know what I am dealing with, here's a relatively comprehensive list of my symptoms, though I am sure I have forgotten some:

Blurred vision

Inability to see clearly

Floaters in vision


Pain behind the eye

Severe dry eye

Dry mouth

Dry nose

Severe insomnia



Extreme panic attacks

burning in the hands

burning in the feet

numbness in the hands

numbness in the feet

"queasy quads" - a feeling as if my quads are being electricuted

Fevers or chills every day - temps range from 98 degrees to 100.4 degrees


Variable blood pressure

General flu-like feeling

Profuse sweating

Muscle spasms

Heart pain/shortness of breath

Extreme hair loss

Internal tremors

External tremors

Night terrors

Nerve pain throughout the body. Feels like sunburn or something.

Vaginal pressure

Frequent urination

Cracking joints throughout the body

Reynaud's syndrome



Back pain

early onset osteoarthritis

Ear pressure/ ear pain


widespread joint pain

body-wide tendon pain

tooth pain

Tooth breaking

head pressure


dry skin

Bodywide itching

Each day I feel as if I am dying. And I cannot even get any sleep.

You know the above is not even a comprehensive list of everything fluoroquinolones can cause?

I am really, really struggling. I am really, really suffering.

Doctors often don't believe me. Or they will try to associate 1 or 2 symptoms with something else instead of looking at the whole picture. Like with my hair loss. They keep saying stress can cause hair loss. Well, yes it can. But it doesn't also cause scalp redness and baldness in patches. It also doesn't explain my other 50+ symptoms that all came on after taking the fluoroquinolone and steroids.

Someone please tell me I will still get better. Even if I am the worst case scenario in The Flox Report. Please, please - even with the dry sicca syndromes - am I going to get better? Please don't let me be permanently disabled and bedbound. Please.

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