Sunday, November 1, 2015

I need help to save my life

I am having a very hard day.

Temp high again.

Spent much of today so far laying in bed, cold compresses on my head, taking Tylenol to bring the fever down. I feel so sick and so terrible. Even on meds for the stomach issues (protonix) and for the nerve pain/panic attacks (remeron), I still feel very sick, weak, terrible and terrified.

Can you offer any words of comfort?

I'm genuinely frightened for my life.

Specifically because of the fever and lightheadedness... Fever of undetermined origin could be anything - even something sinister - or not.

I do not know what to do. Most of what medical science has offered me thusfar is just symptom management, which, as I said, has provided little comfort.

I look online, and so many people go years or a lifetime without being diagnosed.

I cannot live like this.

I cannot be in bed everyday, cold compresses getting me through, afraid of what it is that my body is fighting - getting test after test that is negative.

Please, please - I am terrified. I so desperately need help to save my life...

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  1. fever is an immune response by the body against the cause of the illness, you want to think about how high you can let the temperature go without the need to suppress it !

    cold compresses could be radically making things worse !

    you need to research and think out of the medical box !