Friday, August 21, 2015

If you can help...

It began as abnormal uterine bleeding over a month ago. A distended belly and pain sent me to the ER with it, where they did a CT scan, and found my cervix was distended. I was referred to my gynecologist, who performed a cervical and uterine polypectomy. Which was supposed to fix me, but hasn't.

I just spent three days in the hospital getting all kinds of tests... I had an abdominal/pelvic MRI and a tube put down into my stomach. Blood tests came back within normal ranges, though some concerning things like thyroid, red blood cell and hemoglobin and iron count were low. I received an iron infusion. My amylase was high.

I continue to bleed, and I have pain in the pelvis which sometimes radiates down my legs and through my arms. The pain in my legs makes me cry and keeps me from sleeping. I have difficulty eating. Most days I feel like I have the flu - hot and cold spells, "the shakes", lightheadedness. The shakes are very, very bad, and have me confined to the bed. I cannot walk for long distances without feeling like I will pass out.

I have passed out several times. Many of these symptoms actually came on prior to the polypectomy, so I don't know that they are or could be surgery related...

My gynecologist says it is not related, and has me on anti anxiety medication because none of the tests showed any indicators of internal causes.

If you know what this could be - if you know where I could go to get relief and healing - please let me know. I am running out of hope...

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