Friday, August 28, 2015

Health crisis part 2

The bleeding started again today.

Called my worthless gyno.

"You've only been on birth control for a week. Breakthrough bleeding is totally normal."

This on the heels of 6 weeks of:

"Most women have some bleeding between periods, it's totally normal." Followed by:

"Oh, you have uterine polyps? Well that's why you're bleeding. Totally normal. It'll stop once we get them out."

and "Oh I know we just took out the polyps, but that was surgery. Everyone bleeds after surgery. Totally normal."

Well, guess what buddy - you're "totally normals" have lead to 7 straight weeks of me bleeding. WHICH IS NOT TOTALLY NORMAL. Nor is me missing my period.

Seriously everyone. I need help and prayers. None of my symptoms have subsided. Some have gotten worse. (Lightheadedness, difficulty eating, constant burping, abdominal pain, burning or continued pain down the legs, blurred vision). I have come to the point of begging for help...

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