Tuesday, November 4, 2014

When people fuck with me

I just received an email from a public relations "professional" lambasting me for calling her boss for a story "over her head." (That we called her and she proved completely useless, delaying us for two weeks and then, on deadline day, declaring she would not come through, is an important point to note.)

So she has the brass balls to email the press and complain that we went around her.

She obviously doesn't know who I am.

My response:

Name redacted –

It is my understanding that NAME REDACTED STAFF WRITER attempted to go through you on several occasions, and received no usable information. As it's our job as media to cull and present information, and your job as a media relations liaison to provide that information, the failure on your end to do so prompted myself and my staff to do what journalists do when we do not receive information through the desired, middleman channels - go directly to sources who could and should be of help.

As the NAME REDACTED ORGANIZATION PR PERSON WORKS FOR purports itself to be the voice of the industry, having nothing to say on the topic of TOPIC OF STORY REDACTED is…telling..and you can consider yourself fortunate that we have yet to mention, in print, the number of times ORGANIZATION was contacted either without response or with a response indicating that we would have information provided, only to be told at the last minute, on deadline, that the information would not, in fact, be provided. I'm certain our readership in INDUSTRY REDACTED departments would be interested to know that ORGANIZATION has nothing to say about a topic that very much affects the lives of its day to day membership.

Additionally, I have done you the good service of not penning complaints about your job performance to members of your management team. That you thought it was appropriate to do so is also…telling. As you can see by my inclusion of MY BOSS on this response, I do not fear retribution for calling the ORGANIZATION, repeatedly, for a story about INDUSTRY safety. Given the chance, I'd do so again. Nor am I concerned about burning any bridges with you. Presumably, my consequence would be that I would not be able to get any information from you in the future. As I was unable to get any information from you previously, I really don't see much of an issue.

Lastly, I might point you to the Bill of Rights, which states that Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of the press. As the most powerful governing body in our nation does not have the authority to tell the press to whom we can and cannot speak, I am quite sure the ORGANIZATION Media Relations and Communications Manager does not have such an authority. When I need you to tell me how to do my job, I'll ask you. And, true to form, I likely won't receive a response.


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