Sunday, October 12, 2014

Home is where the heart is

Dear beautiful hometown, mother of my cherished memories:

I hate you.

From the beautiful dogwoods you bulldoze to build yet another nondescript apartment complex

To the warm, golden, sunny days wasted on rage-fueled, unnecessarily long commutes because wealthy, white leadership refuses to expand a public transit system they'd never deign to take

I hate you.

From the antebellum homes demolished for Walmart parking lots

To the once-thriving arts community now strangled by continuously-slashed funding

I hate you.

From the rich history you ignore to the stereotypes you perpetuate

And because you're too fucking obsessed with guns and abortion to take care of the folks who are already here and struggling

For your regressive policies, your warped priorities, your willful ignorance, your wasted potential

Atlanta, I fucking hate you.

So don't be surprised when I - like the dogwoods, the arts, and antebellum homes - refuse

To call you "home" anymore.

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