Friday, January 18, 2013


So...we all agree my dumpster is a place of magic.

.......Full set of plates last week people! Full set! Annnnd coffee mugs!......

But what some of the less fortunate might not know is that my hallway is, likewise, a treasure trove of...treaures.

For residents of "The Pen," my hallway is the Cave of Wonders for all things free. Yes, my friends, you heard me right! If a bric-a-brac is home-oriented, sporting equal levels of well-loved and well-used, there's a very good chance said item will make its way to my little co-op on Euclid.

Where you can snag it.

For free.

To date, my acquisitions have been small. A few books here. A vintage coin purse there.

But there are times, dear readers, when a fortunate renter can pinch a priceless print, a half-full bottle of Chardonnay, or - if you're very, very lucky - a slightly-used hair piece with sequins.


Today's offerings are of an always-special but mundane variety. There are a few coffee mugs. And it appears the management seized the two Renoirs. There's something for the kitchen, too, but as we all know I don't ever go there...


These items have been making the rounds for a few days now. I picked through them. Decided to leave them for lesser mortals.

But today, my friends! Oh today!

Today "The Pen" gods have once again shone their heavenly light on me! Today I shall once again seize a prize worthy of my lowly but well-fashioned station!

Today, I swipe...


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