Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Did you like Elvis Presley?

I reckon probly so.

He seems like someone you would like,

but I guess I'll never know.


I don't know just what brought me here

or why I feel that you're so near

when I hear his wistful song.


We never listened to this tune.

You never saw this lonely room.

but I can see you, plain as day

When The King starts to play

This melancholy ode to love

a woman he's been dreaming of

to me a kitchen 50's style

blinking lights and your young smile

in a house I've never known

but its me there

not yet grown

And you, with youth upon your face

take my hand in your embrace

and sweep me 'cross the shining floor


Is it possible...HOW is it possible

that you're not here anymore?


Yes, I think I know it now

I can't say when or why or how

but you'd have sang this song to me

You. And me. And Elvis Presley.

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