Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:


Also known as "GET THE FUCK GONE."


You see me at the bus stop, the QT, the gift shop

Approach me like you know me, wanna show me

Say you owe me.

Can you please, please have my number?

Make me dinner?

You're a winner!

So you say...

"Baby gimme one chance

Watch my dance

I'm romance

Get in my pants?

Wait...where you goin'?"

So you say...


But while you keep talkin' talkin'

this bitch be walkin' walkin'

Cause I'm sick and tired

of being mired

in the games you wanna play.

So with two birds front and center

I'll allow you, fool, to enter

my thoughts as you approach me

like you know me, wanna show me

and you say what you say.


Livin' up the single life, don't want a wife? Well baby, GET THE FUCK GONE.

Got no job, no prospects? Livin' off of state checks? Your last girl's a damn wreck? Then GET THE FUCK GONE.

You ex is a psycho? You're homo? Like disco? Go anywhere the wind go? Then GET THE FUCK GONE.

Oh what's that? You're married? You and wifey wanna share me? Well 'less she's dead and buried, GET THE FUCK GONE.

12 beers a day, no work and all play? Well, what else can I say? GET THE FUCK GONE.

10 kids. 10 mammas. I don't want your drama.

Smoke out, do drugs? Bitch, I don't date thugs.

You got no life, no story...guess what? You bore me.

A zealot, a monger? Can I say it any stronger?

Humor? You got none. But your deer rack's full of shotguns? Dude, you're fuckin' with the wrong one. So GET THE FUCK GONE.

Can't complete a statement? Live in your parents' basement? I ain't got the patience, so bitch, hit the pavement!

Don't listen? Been missin' the last one you were kissin'? You just got out of prison? Then GET THE FUCK GONE.

Unfaithful, distasteful, unintelligent and hateful? I find you all disgraceful! So GET THE FUCK GONE.

'Cause I have my own home, my own car

Don't care who you think you are

I've been there. I've got scars


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