Sunday, July 22, 2012


Sometimes life is so damn funny.

A beautifully deadly condition.

A blessing with an abrupt end.

You know, you're probably not gonna believe it--but I'm truly happy about this.

I laugh when I picture your eye roll.

Thing is you're so vain, you literally think that because you are obsessed with me, that I must respond in kind--that I must meet your borderline psychotic fervor with reciprocity.

But I don't.

And if you knew the extent to which that is true, I think it'd eat you up inside.

Thing is, though, this post isn't about you. It isn't even for you.

It's for him.

See, I genuinely love him.

And I can't claim that and not wish sincerely for his happiness.

I do want his happiness.

**And I note with satisfied irony that I chose to begin that sentence with those two little words.**

I won't receive an invite in the mail, but when you walk down that isle, I'll be there.

In the back of your mind, yes--but, more importantly, in my heart. For him. Because that's what love is.

Every day you bring him happiness, is a day you bring me happiness. Every smile on his lips? A smile playing on mine.

Love him like there's no tomorrow. Love him hard. Love him true.

He'll never know we shared this moment.

But I do.


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  2. I'm indebted to you, Erin. Had you not squandered the love he gave you, he never would have left you. Had he not left you he never would have found me. If you really knew what GENUINE LOVE was, it would be you taking his last name, not I.

    And for that, I thank you.

    I hope taking unfounded pot shots at me brings you the much needed peace in your life.

    I wish you well.

  3. LOl that is some funny shit. Original poster is quite pathetic with this attempt to take the moral high ground with a slick follow up burn by the new woman.


    Good read thanks

  4. Wow, I honestly feel for you. As much as you are trying to convince the reader that this message is for your lost love, it really isn't. This message is all about you. I find it quite ironic that you are claiming that this other person is so vain but you took it upon yourself to attempt to inject yourself into their happiness. The proposal is about the two of them not you. It is vain for you to claim otherwise. Ex lovers are ex lovers for a reason. I hope that you are able to overcome your vanity and find some closure. Because of whatever you may claim this post portrays you as the jealous ex who is unable to move forward.

  5. Throughout this post, I never mention that this person and I dated, which lets me know that everyone commenting is bringing with them a purported knowledge of the relationship the person and I shared.

    But what you know of that relationship is being drawn only from one source...and all sources have their own perspectives. Below is mine, should you care to read it.

    If you read the post as it is written, without adhering to some preconceived notions of the romance, knowing instead that the person to whom it was written and I had a two year, COMPLETELY PLUTONIC best friendship, I hope you will see the post for what it truly is: a sincere wish for a very important friend to be happy, despite my inability to issue such a desire in person.

    As stated, FOR YEARS this person has been MY FRIEND--nothing more. Had we desired to reunite in a romantic way, we would have done so during the years of plutonic friendship. We did not. Why? Because that wasn't the path for us. And we both knew it.

    Romantic relationships don't always work. They aren't always meant to. But they can blossom into something else. The man in question and I weren't a good romantic match, but we were very solid friends. As such, I do wish him the utmost happiness. That is neither vanity nor anger nor jealousy, as I knew it would be taken by those not familiar with where things truly stood--that he and I were the best of friends. We talked about everything, including our significant others (yes, I too was in a committed relationship throughout the duration of the courtship in question.) Although I will admit to some sorrow over the knowledge that I will not be able to congratulate my friend in person on his day, I do think it important to express my desires for his future on (electronic) paper for friends to read.

    If you choose not to count yourself among my friends, well, I really have no say in that whatsoever. But I do ask that if you do not know me as a person, that you not judge me based on the opinions and perspectives of another person. Instead, I offer myself as an open book to anyone who chooses to meet me. Wanna meet for coffee? I think it'd be great. Contact me directly and let's plan a day for it...

    it is the nature of the world--and of relationships--to change. If others do not understand the evolution from lover to friend or from friend to memory...well, it isn't an experience everyone goes through. As for me? I like to keep those people close who have played an important role in my life. Sometimes this is not possible. But that does not mean that I do not wish those who have to go the very best. As I said, I think that's what love is. I'd want that from and for any of my friends...And if any of you choose to be my friend, I want and want from you the very same.


  6. It has become painfully obvious that you don't know what a PLATONIC friendship is - first of all, you can't spell it. Secondly, all the examples you gave me on a near constant basis. PLATONIC friends don't make late night calls for non-emergencies. PLATONIC friends give up cutesy pet names and daft baby talk. PLATONIC friends don't coordinate birthday parties without first consulting the current significant other.

    Those in PLATONIC friendships show respect to the current significant other. You're an actor, you could've even FAKED it for the sake of your PLATONIC bestie.

    We could've lived parallel, in harmony. It was you who trashed your friendship and made it a memory, not I. The coup de grace being the e-mail you sent surreptitiously two weeks ago. Help anonymously? You could have been in both of our good graces right now if you had merely made mention of me.

    But I'm the villain to your victim in this story.

    And that's all right with me.