Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I am fiercely loyal, self deprecating
A fan of the underdog and celebrating
The mysteries of life, the beauty of pain,
the infinite sorrow, the fleeting gain.

I love with a vengeance; I fight with a cause--
These are my strengths and also my flaws.

I'm a lover and a friend, a goddess and a tease
And yet-- I am none of these.

If you want fantasy, I can do the stage
But if you seek brutal honesty, you've found the right page.

Not much for rhyme, I seldom do reason.
I write when inspired, I change with the seasons.

I'm a beast and a beauty, a madonna and whore,
Say what you will but I'm never a bore.

A writer, an actress, a girl on your scene
A memory, a nightmare And your favorite dream.

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