Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I don't think I've ever wanted to love someone so much and not been allowed.

China-Tori Amos
I think you want me to touch you
But how can I?
When you build a Great Wall around you...
In your eyes
I saw a future together
but you just look away
into the distance..."


  1. I had to chime in on your last post--that was an Arbonne product? Aren't they supposed to be woo-woo natural and healthy? Wow.

    Also, this post makes me sad! There's a story behind this....

  2. Arbonne's ad campaign is, amazingly enough, "Woo-Woo Natural." Little known fact.

    As to the other, you are right, my dear. It's a story I will relate should you e'er care for a coffee date.