Thursday, December 8, 2011

Paranoia, Paranoia Everybody's Comin' To Get Me

It's a familiar feeling: that sucker punch in your gut, accompanied by a sudden, wrenching oh-my-God-I'm-gonna-vomit nausea.


It can only be one of two things: 1. You're pregnant. And likely far along. Or 2. Someone is definitely lying to you.

Assuming the first choice is out of the question, (Ha. "Choice"...easily an ethical/political debate spur there...meditate on it.) the mind immediately races to the second: "Holy shit. Is this person actually standing here in front of me, lying through their lying liar teeth?"

Do we have a "pants on fire" situation here?

The rational decision in such a cirmstance (should we choose to take it) would be to jump search for answers. "Perhaps I am misunderstanding this." "Perhaps I am misreading this." "Perhaps when I walked in the room and saw my boyfriend boning the Fizzoli's waitress, he actually was just trying to get something out of her eye. With his penis."

For the purposes of this missive, apparently "rationale" will heretofore substitute for "denial."

But, as many of us opt NOT for rationale, but rather for the "completely flying off the proverbial handle" maneuver, that gut-kick-vomit-gag experience is usually followed by a two-octave, volume 11, wake the neighbors, break the China then break his/her face scenario.

It's happened.

Once or twice.

So what do you do when you know, instinctively, that someone is lying to you? Which route does your internal GPS navigate?

Do we choose rationale (ahem, denial) or full-force, full-throttle attack?

Which yields more positive results? Repression and resentment that will likely later be taken out on an unwitting postman or literally just going postal?

And what happens if you're wrong?

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