Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The first time I tried on a wedding gown was for a commercial.
The first time I wore a wedding ring was on stage.

In the entirety of my lifetime, I have spent countless hours dedicated to the pursuit of analyzing and presenting the accomplishments of other people to broader audiences.

I excelled in school, studying the texts and accolades of others.
When I wrote, I wrote the life stories of others--where they were going and what they were doing.
When I danced, it was to others' music--with movements choreographed by various teachers.
When I sang, the songs were compositions of masters, conducted by learned musicians.
And when I've acted, I've always taken the stage as someone an effort to bring light to someone else's story and someone else's vision.

But whatever became of my vision? Where is my music? Where is my song? Where is my story?

Where is my purpose?

Surely, I was not put here merely to give light to other people's dreams. Surely I am allowed some of my own? Surely, I too, am deserving of a story, dance, a song?

The next time I wear a wedding dress, I want it to be my own. The ring, my own. No longer the instrument, let me be the masterpiece on the page.

1 comment:

  1. Do what you do well, and let others do what they do well.

    Try not to do and be everything, but rather focus on the abilities that you possess which are the most fruitful.

    I have never heard the sound of your voice, watched you dance on stage, or observed your presence on screen so I cannot give judgment to these talents.

    You are obviously a gifted writer and a beautiful woman, so I would start there which it already sounds like you have a handle on these. Very few are blessed with inherited admiration, the rest of us must earn it.