Thursday, February 10, 2011


Why can't I get it right?

As I write, friends of mine are getting engaged, getting married, having a baby, having a second baby. At this very moment, most of my friends own a home. Most of them have a steady job. Those who don't are nailing down another dream.

Sure, my path is different than everyone else's...but damnit! It seems like I am always behind! My friends started their periods before me. They had their first kisses before me. They had their first loves before me. They had their first cars before me. Most of them lost their virginity before me. They got married before me. They are having kids before me...

The only thing I ever did first is grow boobs.
Forgive me if I find that a dubious achievement.

I'm going to the dry cleaners.

1 comment:

  1. I may be married, but I still hear ya on the career and baby front. Trying to live in the present is really hard. :-) And I even went to school to learn how to Be in the Present! :-)