Friday, April 23, 2010


I read once that the strongest structures are built with parallel columns--each carrying its own perspective weight, while at the same time working in conjunction with neighboring columns to support the structure of the house.

After contemplation, I thought this a beautiful metaphor for man's independence and interdependence. Parallels as a literal, visual interpretation of lives lived in a balance of verticals and horizontals. Ups and downs, lefts and rights. Never intersecting, nonetheless connecting.

I would draw it if I could...but my pictures are best painted with words.
Perhaps you could draw it for me? I would love to see what you see.
This is my picture from my hand. The meter is irregular...but then, so is an improvised dance. And that's really what life is...isn't it?

Life is parallel.
And horizontal.
And vertical.

You and I, parallel.
I and I, parallel.
God and I...


You and I are vertical.
Up and down.
Rise and fall.
Each attached to a string,
alternating up to Heaven and down to Hell.

But we pass in the middle.

You and I are horizontal.
In the most delicious of ways.

We alternate, top and bottom.
And mirror the horizon
of our future days.

Balancing the grid work in
the decline and the swell.

Passing, ne'er crossing
but connected, just as well.

Life is horizontal.

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